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32" Fiberglass Arrows Removable Field Points
Great Multi-Purpose Practice Arrows with removable field tips. 32in 8mm Shaft arrows are perfect for practice or even on the hunt, just switch out the point with your own broadhead. 100 grain Field Point
Mini Inferno All Weather Fire Tinder
Never again will the elements determine your fate when it comes to keeping warm or enjoying a nice hot meal. The journey from no fire to sure-fire couldn't be easier.  Made In the USA!
5 foot Waxed Jute 3 Ply Survival Fire Tinder
Survival Fire Craft Kit5 ft Waxed Jute Survival Fire Tinder This is the perfect fire tinder for multiple fires. lightweight, waterproof, super simple to use.

Buy 3 And Get A Free Ferro Rod!
Water Filter Bag / The Brown Filter Bag
Product available with different options
The Brown Filter Bag
The Brown Bag can be used for the first stage of making water safe, filtration. It is designed to filter turbid or dirty water. Turbid water is water with suspended sediment in it such as sand, mud, silt or organic matter.A Must Have! 
Stainless Steel Bottle Stove
Stainless Steel Bottle Stove 
A perfect companion to the 32oz Pathfinder Bottle & Cup set. Ideal for cooking a meal in a pot or cooking directly on the surface. Simply feed small sticks and twigs as a fuel source and add or remove as necessary to increase or decrease cooking temperature
Stainless Steel 32.oz Bottle & Nesting Cup Set
Stainless Steel Bottle & Nesting Cup Set
The wide-mouth design allows you to easily obtain water from shallow water pools, providing far more opportunities to procure water if necessary. The strong Single Wall construction can withstand direct fire or can be placed directly in coals for the purposes of boiling/disinfecting water.
110 Body Grip Traps
110 Body Gripping Traps are rotating jaw traps used to quickly catch and dispatch wild animals. 
This style of trap was developed during the 1950's and has steadily increased in use due to the versatility and effectiveness of the trap design.
Quickly dispatch wild game!
Jaw Spread: 4.5”Target: Mink, Muskrat, Weasel, Rabbit
1 Week (7 Day) Emergency Food Kit

Ready Hour 1 Week Food Supply Ammo Can (2,000+ calories/day)

Ready Hour foods puts you in the position of not worrying about where you will get food, because it will be stored right in your home. No need to worry about bulky cases. This Ammo Can with 7 days of food that provide 2,000+ calories/day is the perfect carrier for your emergency preparedness plan. Convenient and lightweight to carry, you will want this by your side when it's time to bug out. 
Ready Hour food supplies provides enough calories per day to get you through an emergency situation where survival is based on the amount of energy you have to expend. 
14-in-1 Multi-Tool
14-in-1 Multitool: Multitool with 14 function including pliers heads (long nose pliers, round nose pliers, cutting pliers),

Sharp knife
Philips screwdriver
Slotted screwdriver (Flat Head)
Serrated knife
Hook remover
Double-sided file
Slotted screwdriver
Small scraper (Awl)
Slotted screwdriver 
Can opener
Bottle opener

HeroClip Small
Product available with different options
Heroclip Small gear clip lets you hook and hang backpacks and gear from branches, bridges, tent loops, and just about anything else.

 Strong: Sturdy gear clip supports and secures up to 50 lbs.
 360° Rotation: Fully rotating hook keeps gear accessible.
 Pivoting Joints: Hang your stuff from most nooks & crannies.

550 Paracord 100 Foot
Paracord is one of the most versatile cords on the planet. It’s high-tech materials and construction enables it to be lightweight, strong, and compact. With an incredible 550 lb tensile strength, paracord can easily perform tasks and jobs that other similar cords cannot. One of the most important design features of paracord is the 7 inner strands of core. By pulling out the internal strands you can turn 50ft into hundreds of feet of usable cordage. All these features make it the perfect rope to daily carry, whether it’s in your backpack, vehicle, garage, or in an apparel item.