Prepping 101

What does being a prepper mean? 

Simplest explanation is; someone that wants to have a plan in the event that current status quo changes. Being prepared is in essence everyone's responsibility, gathering the materials and gear you and your family may need in times of unrest. It means a person who has chosen to take responsibility for themselves and loved ones. It does not mean, a crazy person that hopes the end of the world apocalypse is coming soon.  

In today’s world being prepared for any situation and every possibility just isn't possible, however below you'll find a list of a few things that could potentially save your life. There are hundreds of web sites and blogs out there that will give you hundreds of new gadgets and gizmos for indoor and outdoor survival. We are giving you the simplified bare-bones list of essentials, that we believe everyone should have.

Water Purification

Something that you might not think of right away is water purification. But remember, you’re 70% water and you can only go about 72 hours without water before you are dehydrated to the point of death. We strongly recommend carrying a LifeStraw. This simple piece of gear can filter up to 1000 gallons of water and will save your life. Grab one for your bag and keep a few extra in the car.

Wool Blanket

One of the most important things that you should have in your car, survival kit, and extra in your home is an 80% to 100% wool blanket. Even if you’re out in the deserts of New Mexico, those cold nights can mean trouble if you don’t have any other source of insulation. In colder climates a good quality wool blanket is absolutely essential. Many people have died from sliding off the road into a ditch in the middle of winter, they may have survived until daylight if they had a wool blanket in their car. Wool is one of nature’s best insulators and it’s the only material that retains 70% of its heat even when soaking wet.


A fixed blade or everyday carry (EDC) folding knife is essential in every survival situation or emergency kit. Starting fires, breaking down tinder, putting together a quick shelter, cutting car seatbelts, even performing minor field surgery, you’ll absolutely need a good quality knife.

Lighter/Ferrocerium Rod

This is a no-brainer. Keep a few gas station lighters in your car and kits. Also keep a few good Ferrocerium rods in your bag. Lighters are great but they don't work when wet or really cold. The ability to make fire is essential and it's one of the things that sets us apart from the animals. With fire you can warm yourself up quickly, cook food, purify water, heat up a shelter, etc.

550 Cord

Parachute cord or 550 Paracord has almost endless uses, it’s like the duct tape of the survival world. You can make snares, shelters, tie a tarp up to shield rain, craft a bow drill for fire starting, repair boot laces, the possibilities might not be endless but are close enough. Having a 100ft hank of this stuff is what I call planning for ahead. Having Survival Cord is what I call actually being prepared. Survival Cord, Parapocalypse, includes waxed jute (Fire Tinder), Nano Aramid (Fireproof cord), even fishing line. This stuff can save your life, period.

Rope (Climbing & Rescue)

This has to be one of the heaviest items we recommend but having a quality rope is essential. Lifting, Climbing, Descending / Repelling a good rope can save you from hundreds of possible life-threatening situations. Not to mention you just might be able to help someone else. We also recommend having at least 2, 4 is better, 24kn Climbing Carabiners in your pack. These things are light and have workload of over 5 thousand pounds.

Fire Safe Stainless Steel Water Bottle or Cup

If you’re stuck out somewhere for any period of time, there’s almost always plenty of things around you to eat. There are usually sources of fresh water too (unless you’re in the middle of the ocean). But how will you cook that food or boil the water to make it safe? You can’t do it with your bare hands. Having a fire safe stainless steel camp cup, water bottle is always a good idea.

Items mentioned above can be found on our site.

Wool Blankets
Ferrocerium Rod
550 Paracord
Stainless Steel Cups and Bottles