Water Filtration

Water Filtration

The best way to take care of your water needs is through a little preparation. You can only survive 3 days without water, this makes having a way to filter water a basic necessity. Even if you’re not planning on being stranded out in the wilderness please considers the following; if your power goes out, chances are your well pump will to; electrical grid goes down, your municipal water tap will eventually stop running, or even if you simply have crappy water at home. A water filter can be a life saver.

Level 1 - Personal

The perfect option for this is the LifeStraw (Up to 1000 Gallons) or the other similar product. These are small enough to just throw in a backpack, glovebox, coat pocket and honestly cheap enough to buy several of them to keep around the house or anywhere you plan on being. These are your first line of defense and will help you tackle your personal water needs in almost any situation!

Level 2 -  On The Go

This is the next step up from a LifeStraw you can just stick in a lake and drink with. This is something meant to do a little bit of volume so that you can provide not only for yourself but for a small group of people on the go. Something still small and lightweight enough to go into a backpack. This would be something along the lines of a hiking or backpacking water filter. There’s many different kinds on the market. We recommend the LifeStraw Go or the Grayl Water Press. These will allow you to tackle the water needs of your immediate group for an extended period of time!

Level 3 – Large -  At a Permanent Camp or at Home

This is the highest volume. This is for you, your family, and possibly your neighbors or extended family for an extended period of time. This is something that’s too big to go anywhere but in your house or permanent camp and is meant to filter water in large volumes. In the event of a natural disaster or extended drought where you can’t get water from your municipal water supply this will be an absolute life-saver. This is something large like the Big Berkey or similar water filters which can filter thousands of gallons before the filters must be replaced. With one of these you’ll be set to tackle your water needs for your whole community!

Boiling Water - Water Purification 

Boiling water over a fire works great, if you need to do it. However, this may not always be practical. In the event you’re out in the bush and need water and you don't have access to the items listed above, boiling water may just save your life. We recommend everyone carry a fire safe stainless steel water bottle and cup. These 2 items allow you to collect and boil water, making it safe to drink, over an open fire. This is great for personal hydration.