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Having a good quality knife in your pack or on your hip is essential. Camping, survival situations, or everyday carry (EDC) you need a good high quality knife. Our knives rage from small EDC to larger machete type knives designed to hack your way through the thickest bush.

Bushcraft Survival Auger Drill Bit
Scotch Eye, Wood Auger, Hand Auger - Whatever you want to call it, this is one of the best tools you can include in your kit. 
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Garberg Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife - Poly Sheath
This full-tang knife is made of hard-use carbon steel with DLC coating from the Sandvik mines in Sweden. The Scandi-grind of the blade ensures easy maintenance and the ultimate sharpness. The spine is pre-ground to 90° and ready to use with a fire starter (not included). Pair the Garberg Basic with the Garberg Multi-Mount sheath system, or with your own customized solution.
Morakniv Companion Fishing Fillet Knife 155
This fillet knife from Morakniv offers a very strong yet flexible blade that allows fishermen to be in total control while filleting their catch. 

Cold-rolled stainless steel blade from Sandvik
Patterned high-friction grip handle
Easy-Clean plastic sheath
Blade length: 6.1" (155 mm)
Morakniv Garberg Black- Carbon Steel - Multi-Mount Sheath
This blackened Carbon full tang knife is designed to meet the long-time wishes from our most dedicated users, as well as the desires of the knife lovers that haven’t yet discovered the world of Morakniv.
MoraKniv Kansbol With Survival Kit - (S)
This Kansbol with Survival Kit (S) has everything a real bushcraft enthusiast needs, optimized and ready for sudden challenges. An ideal partner to the hunter, backpacker, and hiker. The Kansbol (S) has the flexibility of a lightweight knife and the strength of a more robust model.
Morakniv Lightweight Axe Military Green OD
Super lightweight and durable. This axe is made for hiking, camping, bushcraft! 

Practical axe for camping with black epoxy coated boron steel blade.
Blade Thickness: 0.24" (6 mm), Blade Length: 4.5" (115 mm), Total Length: 12.6" (320 mm), Net Weight: 17.6 oz. (0.5 kg)
Reinforced plastic handle
Leather sheath
Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
Morakniv Narrow fillet Knife - 9160P
Features Blade of Swedish Sandvik 12C27 stainless knife steel that can be sharpened to extreme sharpness and high edge retention. Blade hardened by deep refrigeration at -80° for maximum hardness (58 RC). Suitable for wet conditions. 
Tactical Rope Dispenser (TRD)
Tactical Rope Dispenser
Created by US special ops paratrooper to have usable tangle free cord exactly when needed. In a true emergency or survival situation there isn’t time to untangle cord. TRD delivers high strength cord when you need it most and it’s built-in cutting blade eliminates the need for additional tools. Whether you need cord for camping, survival, work, around the house or on the farm, the TRD makes using cord fast and simple without the hassle of tangles. Simply pull out what you need, cut it and you're done. The rest will be stored away until you need it again. If you run out, don't worry. It's re-loadable.MADE IN USA!