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Rupert Brown - Brown's Bushcraft

Rupert is the founder and instructor at Brown's Bushcraft. 

Since a young age he has had an interest in the outdoor life and natural history.

Rupert enjoyed walking and climbing in the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia in Wales. In 1989 he travelled to Belize in Central America. Whilst there he spent time in the jungle and climbed Victoria Peak in the heart of the rainforest to collect plant samples for the British museum. At the time and along with two friends and two Mayan Indian guides he was the 21st recorded person to reach the top of Victoria Peak.

Rupert has worked in a natural environment and been close to nature for the past 30 years.

Prior to starting Brown's Bushcraft he had a career in forestry and arboriculture which started back in 1987.

He has formal instructing and teaching qualifications and has been delivering both full and part time arboricultural courses since 1994.

In 2010 he decided to focus on a career change and wanting to continue with an outdoor career started to study bushcraft more closely.

Wanting to extend his previous knowledge and experience as well as earn a formal qualification he attended an eight day course at the highly acclaimed Woodcraft school in the UK. 

At the end of the course he was awarded with the NCFE Advanced Bushcraft Award.

Water Filter Bag / The Brown Filter Bag
Product available with different options
The Brown Filter Bag
The Brown Bag can be used for the first stage of making water safe, filtration. It is designed to filter turbid or dirty water. Turbid water is water with suspended sediment in it such as sand, mud, silt or organic matter.A Must Have!