List of products by brand Xgenop

FireStar Ferro Rod Ferro-cerium Rod
The perfect fire starting tool for everyday carry.  The ferro-cerium rod is replaceable so you won't need to discard this tool when the rod is worn out. 5000 Strikes @ Over 5000 Degrees 

Length 4.7"
Diameter: 0.55"
Weight 1.2oz
Waterproof Tinder Storage Capsule
5/16" x 3.1" Ferro Rod
Ferro Rod is Replaceable
Includes Striker, Waxed Tinder & Fire Cord Lanyard
Packable Grill Set
Food Grade Stainless Steel Packable Grill SetThis set is the perfect solution for cooking on the go. 

Set Includes
 10.25 X 5 Grill
 5 X 5 Grill  
 Carry Pouch
 Lightweight 9.2oz Total